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Base Concentrate

Base Concentrate Pigmented Stain Colorant

A finely ground pigment in a high viscosity liquid form, free of fillers and extenders.
Recommended for:
  • Pigmented Wiping Stains
  • Glazing Stains
  • Shading Lacquer
  • Tinting Lacquers.
  • This pigmented
Colorant will mix with lacquer thinner, lacquer,
glaze, lacquersealers and synthetic finishes.
Not recommended for water reducible, shellac, alcohol or mineral spirits based coatings.
Recommended Reducing Proportions:
  • Wiping Stains: 20% Colorant and 80% Reducer S-15
  • Glazing Stains: 20% Colorant and 80% Clear Glazing Liquid
  • Shading & Tinting Lacquers: 1 to 3 oz. color per gallon of lacquer



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