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Padding Finishes


Repairs white rings caused by water or alcohol. Penetrating "padding agent" used to
eliminate alcohol rings and heal checked or crazed finishes (alligator marks).
Once the defect has been eliminated, it is recommended to apply RAPID PAD®
padding finish over the entire surface to seal the Amalgamator. AMALGAMATOR SOLVENT
A special prepared reducer for Amalgamator. Recommended as a cleaner prior to padding
a finish. Will not harm the original finish

The yardstick by which all other french padding finishes are measured. Used by thousands of repairmen
for many years. lnstant dry. May be coated with lacquer immediately. Lac Frenchâ„¢ Padding Finish
is a very light amber color, suitable for use on the lightest of finishes. Ready to use. No oil or any other
additives required. A formula perfected over the years for just the right build-up. Dries harder than any
other french padding finishes on the market. Use with Blendal® Stains. For best results, use Trace Cloth for application

Reducer for
  • Lacover® Padding Finish
  • Rapid Pad® Padding Finish.
Should be  used to remove an improperly padded repair without fear
of injury to surrounding finish. Can also be used to wash down the
finish prior to "spot padding" repairs

For spot refinishing. The most widely used "French Polish" padding finish in the world. Specially formulated
for use with Mohawk Blendalâ„¢ Powder Stains. Compatible with most known finishes. ln one operation, the
stain and finish can be replaced to worn or bare spots. Also recommended for leather and vinyl. "Highlight"
effects can be created on wood, leather or vinyl materials with this method. Lacover® Padding Finish
imparts new life to leather, prevents cracking and drying out. Available in two solids.
The higher the solid, the LESS time consumed to build up the finish to complete the job

Rapid Pad
Repairs packing marks or extensive scratches (where a whole surface needs repair) "French Polish"
padding finish applied over an original finish for restoration, rejuvenation, protection, and repair of surface
finish defects. Formulated to flow freely while "padding" out an entire surface. Most recent formula
improvements have increased durability, mar and blush resistance.
RESTORATION - makes worn furniture look factory new again.
REJUVENATION - add new life to old finishes, antiques
PROTECTION - new hard finish resists mar and abrasion
FINISH DEFECTS - eliminates surface scratches and packing marks.

Lowest build-up of any french finish on the market. Use with Blendal Powder Stains.
Excellent where clarity and minimum build-up are critical. Used for removing packing
marks and mars on fine furniture. May be used on the very lightest of finishes with no
discoloration. Formulated especially for the professional touch-up artist--not
recommended for amateurs.

One of our most popular french finishes
The best finish for french polishing
The choice of experts Ready to use; no oil or additives are required
Super-fast dry
May be coated with lacquer immediately
Very print-resistant


User friendly wipe-on Polyurethane finish.
Can be applied over repairs to seal in the repair,
Durable protective finish. Apply over properly cleaned existing finishes to improve appearance. 
Adheres  to  lacquers, vinyl clads,
high pressure laminates and many other
substrates. Water based and almost no odor.
This feature makes it the
product of choice where aerosols and other
solvent based touch up finishes are not appropriate.

Lac French
Padding Finish
Rapid Pad
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